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Concrete Tile Roofing

Benefits of Concrete Tile Roofing

Fort Myers Tile Roof

Style Versatility

Concrete tiles can imitate expensive roofing tile materials like slate and clay. This makes it a versatile choice if you want to match the aesthetic of your property. It can deliver a clean look whether you want a low-profile, medium-profile, or high-profile tile for your roof.

Longer Lasting Color

The weather can sometimes be tough for roofing materials, resulting in rust and corrosion. But with a concrete tile on your roof, you can color and coat them without having to worry about losing it sooner than expected. You can enjoy a nice gloss on your roof for a long time.

Economical Choice

What makes concrete tiles an inexpensive choice is that they get stronger as they age. They can withstand any harsh elements that come with the changing season.


The durability of concrete tiles is evident in their class A fire rating. It can also endure strong winds which are perfect for hurricane season. Concrete tiles are also found to exceed the seismic load requirement, which makes them ideal for surviving earthquakes. In addition, it can ward off rot and insects. 


When you used concrete tiles for your roof, you rarely need to have it changed. And if you do, it reduces energy consumption since these roofing materials are all natural and recyclable. That way, you are helping minimize waste that ends up in landfills.

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